Pamela Foley

CEO, Branding & Strategy Guru @ Art of You Consulting

They say that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. Pamela Foley, CEO of AOU Branding & Strategy, is a disruptive marketing guru and a Branding and Strategy Consultant has spent more than 25,000+ hours learning to help women with the four most important things for personal and business success: being seen, finding their niche, creating their offering and building their personal brand. Getting these things right is the secret to disrupting what is expected of you and achieving success in life, business and career. Pam has personally closed more than $40 million in sales, managed large and diverse teams, holds a Juris Doctorate degree, practiced law as a licensed Attorney, holds multiple certifications, a position on the faculty of SHIFT mindset program, and the knowledge gained from acting as CEO of two 6-figure businesses. She uses these skills to help individuals, teams and organizations build sustainable, high earning businesses with good employee retention. Pam began her business after highly successful careers in law and real estate. She came to her current work after realizing that as women, we are expected to fit into a box of rules and cultural norms – and that didn’t work for most of us! Since then, her work has grown and she is now a successful business owner, the author a book series, e-books, corporate workshops, online courses and a national speaker all aimed at creating success for her clients. At home, she is a Mom, a dog lover, a yogi and an avid reader.