Nancy Watt

President @ Nancy Watt Communications

Rated in the top five Leadership Workshops at Microsoft’s global conference for the last four years and regular at corporate team building events, Nancy Watt delivers powerfully creative and memorable sessions.
Her ‘Pracademic’ approach applies evidence-based research and neuroscience with experiential learning using the tools and techniques of improv. Her dynamic workshops on communication, leadership and collaboration directly impacts any organization that needs to deal with unpredictability, build mental agility and foster innovative and productive teams.
By building an ensemble we engage and participate to learn about the immense power of connection across cultures, genders and age, leaving participants with new insight and ‘Aha’ moments.
Nancy is busy in the business, healthcare, government and education sectors. Her work is referenced in academic papers for pedagogical experiential learning.
She’s from Second City’s Improv Conservatory and Sketch Writing Programs in Toronto and Chicago. She has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and is a Certified Improv Practitioner.
Nancy is writing HAPPIE, How to Apply Positive Psychology Improv Exercises.