Melissa Strawn

CEO & Founder @ MyPeopleNow, Inc.

Melissa Strawn is the CEO & Founder of, a market network platform for social commerce and change. MyPeopleNow is on a mission to bring storytelling, benefits, and dignity to freelancers and gig workers all around the world, in all lines of work and wants to bridge the work/life balance gap through their company facing employee engagement platform. As a busy mom to five active boys, Melissa uses her own site daily to find help and has incorporated some interesting features that aim to make the gig economy accessible to all, regardless of economic ability or reliance on social services.

Melissa’s passion in life is lifting people out of poverty by connecting them with the resources they need to become self-sufficient. Through blogging at, she shares her own stories about how she went from a single teen mom on welfare to an aspiring entrepreneur on a mission to disrupt the social services system.