Meghan Dicklin

Leadership Coach for Moms @ Nesting Your Business

Meghan Dicklin knows it’s possible to run a business and raise a family without losing your mind, but knows it takes resilience and a great support system. She has lived at the intersection of marketing, business operations, and innovation for over a decade and uses this expertise to create more time, more wealth, and more connections for business owners raising young children.

Through Nesting Your Business, Meghan helps entrepreneurs gain the clarity, focus, and space to re-engineer a business to serve their personal and professional goals. This may be designing the perfect maternity leave for a solopreneur or bringing on a team for a growing operation.

Before having her first child, she walked away from a successful corporate career in financial advertising because she knew she wanted to do things differently. She believes investing in a plan and structure today leads to the freedom and flexibility that business owners crave.