Laura Close

Executive Coach, Founder @ Laura Close Career Consulting, LLC

Laura is the founder and principal executive coach at Laura Close Career Consulting LLC (Seattle/Austin/New Haven).  She built the firm to help high achieving senior-level clients accelerate their career advancement with job search preparation, promotion strategy, and leadership challenges keeping your job candidacy relevant and competitive in the multi-channel new world of work. Laura Close Career Consulting manages executive career coaching projects and candidacy preparation projects for clients who work at global enterprise companies like Microsoft, Google, AWS, Facebook, Hulu, Expedia, T-Mobile, and the startup ecosystem too. Levels served include, C-level, VP, Partner, Director, Principal and a selection of mid-level titles as well.

A trend setter in senior-level professional career strategy, Laura applied over a decade of training and execution in political strategy to the founding of the firm in 2010. Clients experience the impact of political campaign strategy and candidate development insights applied to their custom career goal set. Whether you’re leading an organization or interviewing for a role, the message you carry and how you carry it define and shape your opportunity set. Global service includes live video coaching and online project management: