Hannah Schuster

NASM CPT and CNC @ California Polytechnic State University

From a young age, Hannah experimented with many different modalities of physical activity. Starting with gymnastics and working her way through swim, soccer, basketball, dance, Kung Fu, track and field, powerlifting, and kickboxing, Hannah eventually found her true passion for yoga rooted in its fusion of discipline and repose.

Yoga added a new level to Hannah’s life, both physically and mentally. Yoga is everything that Hannah needs it to be each time that she steps onto her mat, and that changes from day to day. This sense of dedication and exuberance that yoga instills in Hannah is exactly what she hopes to help foster in others throughout her career.

Hannah is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, as well as a Kinesiology undergrad at Cal Poly, SLO.

During her senior year of High School, Hannah volunteered to create a workout plan for a peer with Cerebral Palsy as an alternative to the school’s physical education graduation requirement with the goal of making the exercise more appropriate and personalized to the individual’s needs. This experience sparked an interest in the therapeutic and widescale effects of physical activity, motivating Hannah to declare a major in Kinesiology.

Hannah’s participation in Special Olympics Unified Sports, Cal Poly’s Adapted Paddling Program, and work at an occupational therapy summer camp have allowed her to observe the power of physical activity firsthand. These experiences were beyond gratifying and cultivated her belief that regular exercise is vital for individuals of all fitness levels, especially those with strenuous jobs.

Hannah currently works at SLO Yoga Center in San Luis Obispo, California and is an ambassador for the company OMie Crew Nation, which is focused on making yoga and other wellness programs increasingly accessible and approachable to everyone.