Gina Fratarcangeli

Managing Director, Midwest Sales @ Accenture

Gina Fratarcangeli is a Managing Director with Accenture, the world’s largest consulting firm. In her current role, she manages a team designing complex solutions to solve complex business challenges for her Fortune 1000 clients. Having worked at other global powerhouses like IBM and EDS, and managed global teams, she has evaluated and tested multiple leadership styles, and created her own unique approach to fostering the next generation of leaders.
She is passionate about mentoring next generation leaders and recently did a TEDTalk on Leadership.

Gina attended the University of Michigan and received a degree in International Relations. She has lived all over the world including Tokyo, Belgium and Costa Rica. She resides in Denver with her husband and three teenage sons. She spends her free time on the sideline at sporting events, skiing, obsessing about the power of analytics, and rushing around her home putting the toilet seats down before guests come over.