Genevieve Tremblay

Lead Program Strategist @ Catalytic Innovators Group

Genevieve Tremblay is a versatile, impact-driven leader working across disciplines/sectors to bring direction to bold program initiatives. At Catalytic Innovators Group, she brings innovative strategies to arts, emerging tech, higher ed, corporate philanthropy, urban development and entrepreneurship. She co-founded ASKXXI, an international exchange program and collaborative platform for 21st Century artists, environmental scientists and global stewards (US+Chile) working to ignite wider societal conversations about critical climate challenges. Tremblay is program advisor to AST: Accelerating Social Transformation and xTech + Impact Summit, social innovation programs hosted at UW The Evans School for Public Policy & Governance. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and mentors Master of Science in Technology Innovation (MSTI) students at the GIX: Global Innovation Exchange.