Evaristus Mainsah

General Manager, IBM Cloud Pak Ecosystem @ IBM

Evaristus Mainsah is General Manager, IBM Cloud Pak Ecosystem. In this role, he is responsible for working
across IBM’s ecosystem including hardware manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), distributors,
resellers and Global Systems Integrators (GSIs) to enable them to drive the adoption of IBM’s hybrid and
multicloud platform with their client set. This includes offerings and platforms like Cloud Pak for Applications,
Cloud Pak for Data, Cloud Pak for Integration, Cloud Pak for Automation, Cloud Pak for Multi Cloud
Management, as well as IBM Edge Computing.
In his Commercial Model role was responsible for working across the entire Cloud & Cognitive Software Unit,
engaging with offering leaders, sales leaders and finance teams to develop a set of models and recommendations
rooted in market practice for driving subscription revenue growth.
His prior assignment was in IBM Global Financing where he served as General Manager, Global Asset Recovery
Services, IBM. In that role he is responsible for optimizing the financial recovery of IBM’s leased asset portfolio
and IBM’s excess inventory worldwide. Evaristus leds worldwide sales and reverse logistics operations to maximize
reuse of returned inventory and to remarket and dispose of IT equipment in retail, wholesale and liquidation
secondary markets globally. This business delivered about $2B in internal placements and $740M in revenue in
2015. In addition to remarketing, the GARS organization encompasses IBM reverse logistics worldwide:
refurbishment, repair, remanufacturing, dismantling, transportation and warehousing, as well as environmentally
compliant and sustainable disposition strategies for IBM and client-owned equipment.
Prior to this, Evaristus was General Manager, Client Financing, responsible for the development and sale of financial
offerings that assist clients in their acquisition of hardware, software and services solutions – in about 60 countries.
In 2015, the Client Financing line of business generated $1.1B in revenue and with $38 B in assets.
Before that he was General Auditor of IBM. In that role he was responsible for providing the IBM Board of
Directors and senior management with an independent, objective assessment of IBM’s system of internal controls,
guidance in managing control risks, as well as investigations regarding allegations of fraud and violations of
business conduct guidelines.
From 2010 to 2013 he was IBM Assistant Treasurer – responsible for global treasury centres, treasury
transformation, business controls and risk management. He is also responsible for the IBM’s International Treasury
Centre in Dublin. Prior to this role, he was Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President & Chief Financial
Officer, IBM and served for a short period as CFO of Enterprise Initiatives and Cloud Computing. From July 2007
to 2008, he was Director of Commercial Financing for IBM Global Financing (IGF), responsible for all
Commercial Financing operations across Europe including Russia, the Middle East and Africa – and based out of
Evaristus holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School (’04), a Ph.D. in Engineering, an M.Sc. in
Manufacturing Technology and a B.Sc in Computer Science & Electronic Engineering all from the University of
Birmingham, UK.
Evaristus is co-chair of the Board of Trustees of the IBM UK Pension Fund and serves on the Investment
Committee. He serves on the Board of two non-profits – the King Baudouin Foundation, United States (KBF-US)
and of Taconic Opera (NY).