Cindy Gross

Founder and Strategic Anti-Harassment Officer @ Befriending Dragons

Cindy Gross is an Adaptive Community Leader & the founder of Befriending Dragons. She nurtures equitable cultures where all women thrive and belong. Her current focus is to nurture healing paths for women who face workplace bullies and harassers.
Cindy has met many scary dragons in her life – breast cancer, divorce, a layoff, changing roles and technologies, workplace harassment as a Microsoft woman in tech, constant striving to meet some impossible to meet bar for success, and the idea that we always have to put work first. Most recently she left the corporate world to strike out on her own, into a rich community filled with people who create justice, meaning, allies, and dreams. Each time she steps back and looks at the situation from different angles. She befriends each dragon, learns how to make it a part of her past, and takes only the parts she wants forward to the next stage of her life. That’s what befriending dragons is all about – take those scary things and blend the best parts into our lives. Then we respond in the way we each need, the way that takes us down the path we want.